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Bruker Corporation is the global market and technology leader in analytical magnetic resonance instruments including NMR, preclinical MRI and EPR.

Bruker's NMR Assure™ Raw Material Screening software identifies problem samples prior to use and prevents costly manufacturing mistakes. Designed for GMP environments, Assure provides a traceable record of sample analysis and results. Applications extend beyond pharmaceutical production and includes chemical analysis.

Used in combination with NMR instruments such as the Fourier 300, it provides the ideal solution for chemical analysis and screening of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, and raw materials.

Bruker NMR Products

NMR Assure Software

• System Suitability Test for GMP Labs

• Automated Data Acquisition

• Automated Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

• Automated Report Generation

• QC Report - a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ report

• Detailed Expert Report - total analysis

• Lock-out mode for access-limited users

• Convenience Features


• Customizable

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Fourier 300 NMR Instrument

• Compact  high-resolution NMR spectrometer

• Ideal for chemistry education and chemical analysis

• Industry standard NMR software TopSpin

• Cost efficient

• Easy handling and siting

• Provides routine and advanced modern NMR techniques including COSY, NOESY, HSQC, HMBC

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